kinda-pretty-amazing Bacon Cheese Jalapeno Burgers

These gems were a delightful experience and our taste buds went through such a gratifying experience thanks to our daring will to cook. yum. here is how  i made our Bacon Jalapeno Cheeseburgers !

Here is what you will need

-4 strips of bacon ( cooked )

pepper jack cheese (sliced, the more- the yummier)

-1 lb humboldt grassfed ground beef

-2 jalapenos ( sliced- cut around seeds if you don’t want it too spicy)

-1/2 of an onion ( minced )

– salt, pepper

bread crumbs (to hold it together)

Preferred buns are Potato buns

Recommended condiment : Spicy Kraft Mayonnaise

here’s what to do : kneed ground beef with onions, salt & pepper until the ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the beef. Then for every burger you want to make, make two flat hamburger patties, make them thin because you’re going to stack the second patty on top after you place jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and pre cooked bacon over the first layer. After you cover the surface of the first patty with as much of the secondary ingredients as you would like,  place the second patty over covering the ingredients and gently sealing the edge of the patty so the it becomes one burger. Cook for about 15 minutes on skillet on medium or until the meat no longer pink or is to your preference.


❤ susan


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